Wargoís Electronic Services s

We currently service all brands, however we have extensive experience and knowledge with Marantz, Mcintosh, Sansui, Fisher, Pioneer and Kenwood..Restored over 30 Sansui 1000A's in 2013.

All the components used are the proper ones for the job, exceeding the specs of the components being replaced and purchased from reliable sources. Capacitors are audio grade, and semiconductors typically On-Semi or Fairchild. Every precaution is taken to not scratch or damage units while servicing, and all necessary steps taken to insure your items are packaged properly and insured for return shipping.

Our Service Work:

All units are evaluated as accurately as possible. The described symptom along with all functions are checked, and a recommendation along with an estimate is given.

After the service has been performed, all functions will be tested again and unit will be played until we are satisfied repair is complete. All adjustments will be set to factory specs and unit evaluated again before being returned.


There are different levels of restorations possible. We offer custom restorations tailored to your specifications and budget. You will be given a recommendation and choices depending on the item being serviced.

Give us a call about the restoration of your item and you will get an honest assessment and recommendation based on what you need and want, at a fair price. We offer custom restorations; you will know what you are getting for your money, and what the benefit will be. You decide after you have the information you need, and your questions answered. There are many options available with a restoration. Every unit will have a unique set of options.

 We do all the necessary steps to improve the reliability, and get it in proper working order. All units are tested and evaluated before and after the service.All pertinent adjustments set to factory recommended specs.

We can do, cleaning, scratch removal, cabinet refinishing, tuner alignments, distortion measurements, wow and flutter tests, modifications and service bulletins.


All restorations come with the standard minimum services.


All controls and switches cleaned and lubed with Deoxit products.

Lamps replaced as necessary or complete re-lamping if requested. LEDís optional.

All electrolytic capacitors changed in the power supply, protection circuits and audio driver boards.

Regulated power supply checked for proper voltages and heat related issues. Bad solder joints resoldered.

All adjustments set to factory specs.

Units are tested and evaluated, then readjusted if necessary. Warranty provided.

Packaged carefully and shipped insured with tracking.



All controls and switches cleaned and lubed with Deoxit products.

All tubes checked.

Lamps replaced as necessary or complete re-lamping if requested.LEDís optional.

Power Supplies are typically rebuilt, upgrading the rectifiers and capacitors. All other electrolytic caps replaced. In Rush current limiting installed to protect tubes and transformers. Coupling capacitors replaced with your choice of capacitors (several options available) depending on the unit. All voltages checked for accuracy and drift. Entire unit checked for heat related issues and addressed when necessary.



We have done restorations for as little as $200 and as high as $900. Every model has its own unique problem areas and required service for the desired results.


We make recommendations based on the individual items history and our own experiences with the type of unit in for service. We donít claim to know everything about every unit, but we do know how to find out. Many of the better, true vintage technicians, are networked and we all share information willingly. Generally you will be given the options available along with the benefits for your unit enabling you to make an informed decision about the restoration of your unit. You can be assured unit will leave working properly and sounding great.


Depending on the level of restoration you need or want, smoothing caps, trimmer pots, relays, resistors, differential pairs, Outputs re-greased or replaced, audio path caps replaced with film caps, transistors and alignments can all be done. We have a full service facility and all services are available.



Electrolytic power supply caps are the biggest liability in older audio equipment. The reason they are used is small size and low cost per unit of capacitance compared to other methods of manufacturing capacitors. A film capacitor of the same capacitance and voltage would be extremely large and impractical for these applications. Electrolytic capacitors are the cost effective and practical solution for power supplies and filtering. These capacitors have been used in the audio path as well, again for cost effectiveness and size.
Electrolytics have poor tolerances (like +/- 20% or worse) and have short shelf and service lives compared to all other widely available capacitor types. Generally, the effective capacitance changes over time.

Electrolytics that have been idle for long periods of time are more prone to failure. They need periodic charging to stay "formed" and maintain the oxide layer that insulates the conducting plates. Even with regular use, electrolytics fail with age by drying out or leaking electrolyte.

HOW THEY FAIL…they can completely lose capacitance or partial loss which leads to poor performance or stress on other components. They can short between plates, or have excessive leakage, which can have its own set of complications.

Recapping is the best course to restore you’re your unit to its functionally original condition.